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Zuo Modern

Zuo Care Instructions

Tips and tricks for keeping your modern furniture looking fabulous.


For light cleaning use a damp cloth with a mild fabric cleaner, such as a detergent for delicates. For tougher stains steam cleaning may be the only option.


Any standard leather cleaner will work.


A non-commercial vinyl cleaner works best.

Mesh Seats & Backs

Use a damp cloth with a mild cleaning agent, such as fabric cleaner.


Any standard wood cleaner and preserver will work fine.

Powder Epoxy Coated or Chromed Steel Finishes

Wipe down surfaces with a DRY cloth.

For tougher stains use a mild degreaser, such as citrus degreaser.

Molded Epoxy Coated or Polypropylene

Wipe down with a damp cloth or with a non-abrasive household cleaner.


A non-commercial glass cleaner works best. Try not to spray any non-glass surfaces.

***Be sure to always follow the cleaning product instructions carefully***